Vida Divina Official Compensation Plan v1.2 2016

This document is simply a description of how commissions may be earned under the Vida Divina Compensation Plan. Any potential compensation is based on actual sales results and no commissions or bonuses are ever paid simply for introducing new people to Vida Divina. All references to income or earnings, actual or potential, implied or stated, are for explanation and illustration purposes only. They should not be construed as average or typical. Vida Divina does not warrant, guarantee or assure that any level of income, earnings or success can or will be attained by any Vida Divina Franchise Affiliate is an Independent Business Owner. All Vida Divina Franchise Affiliates are responsible for meeting all qualifications, deadlines and/or customer requirements of their applicable level. Actual earnings or income will vary based on each Franchise Affiliate level of sales and will be a result of various factors such as expertise, ability, motivation and time spent promoting and selling Vida Divina’s products and services.

Compensation Plan Created by Armand Puyolt Exclusively For Vida Divina WorldWide Companies

Retail Commission 28%
50% – 70% fast track bonus
20% Presentation bonus
When you buy a product worth $300, you get 9 products with extra $60 worth of products. $600 worth of products you get 19 products $1,200 you get 40 products.
Binary team Commission
50% generational matching bonus on team binary commission
Progressive binary bonus, 5% – 10% to 20% to 25%.
Seven (7) generation progressive check match 50%, 10% – 5%.
Star Coin reward; for every product, you get a star coin which you can use anywhere to buy ticket, free products etc.. when it accumulates.
Whenever you buy the products worth:
$120 you get extra $10 worth of products
$300 you get $60 extra worth of products
$600 you get $160 extra worth of products
$1200 you get $400 extra worth of products.





Vida Divina is the orchestra that creates the very harmony of a beautiful life. The perfect blend of
innovative life enhancing products and a proven formula for financial independence. That is the
music we create. The ability to bring joy and health to others while building a long term sustainable
financial future for you and your family. A world of dreams achieved, a Divine Life!
Vida Divina welcomes you, and we look forward to building this beautiful ARK together.

Active Status

 There are two ways an Vida Divina Franchise Affiliate may maintain an Active status:

  1. Personal orders made through Vida Divina Franchise Affiliate’s back office of minimum order of 120 PV (Personal Volume)
    within the corresponding month.
  2. Customer orders made through Vida Divina Franchise Affiliates Replicated Site to the sum of 120 PV within the
    corresponding Month.

If you go over the needed PV needed to be active on the current month, the Extra PV will spill over to your current pay leg.
As members ascend in Ranks, the required Personal Active PV may increment.  image013

Binary Qualified

 In order for an Franchise Affiliate to be Binary Qualified for Binary Pay out, the Affiliate must have a Personal active status of
minimum 120 PV and have the following requirements met:

  1. 1 personal Sponsored Active affiliate on the Left Team (120 PV)
  2. 1 personal Sponsored Active affiliate on the Right Team(120 PV)image012

Retail Profit

Vida Divina Franchise Affiliates are able to reference customers to their replicated site, from which all products will be marked at $60.

Franchise Affiliates receive the profit generated from difference between the whole sale and selling price.

Example: Lets say a customer goes to your personal Replicated Site which is

Customer clicks on Product and Shops:

The customer can only purchase at selling price and orders one product priced at $60. You, the Franchise Affiliate, Earns $20

commission for that purchase and 40 PV.

Customer Volume

Affiliates are encouraged to reference customers to their replicated site, as this will help them stay active.

Each time a customer orders a product the Affiliate will receive 100% PV that the product is associated with.

Example: You referenced Three (3) customers to your replicated site

Each customer purchases 1 product marked at $60.

Because each product contains 40 PV for the Franchise Affiliate, You just obtained 120 PV.

Progressive Binary

 Vida Divina has established a Progressive Binary Compensation Plan to better organize the placement of your organization. Members may fall into

your organization without you personally sponsoring them. This will aid you in your compensation pay and provide a better support in your

organization in the long run.


Genealogy Placement

Affiliates have the freedom to personally enroll new Affiliates through their back office and strategically structure their graphical genealogy.

Affiliates also have the ability to have the system allocate them to the outer right or outer left of their organization. Franchise Affiliates are

responsible for these allocations and are encouraged to contact, within 48 hour of new enrollment for correction.


There are two ways a member may obtain qualification:

  1. Personal orders made through member’s back office of 120 PV within the corresponding month.
  2. Customer orders made through Vida Divina Franchise Affiliates Replicated site to the sum of 120 points within the corresponding month.Those points will count for the Franchise Affiliate as PV(Personal Volume).

Vida Divina Ranks Chart

The Rank Chart is to show what is required to qualify for each rank, & to show the percentage of the Base Pay out that you will receive with your qualified rank.

*Chart Does Not Include Extra Binary Payout

**Required Volume For Advancement Is Including All Earned Extra Business Centers Accumulative Pay Leg Volume Together

Franchise Starter Packages

Franchise Starter Packages are required for Starting your Vida Divina Independent Distribution Business as they will activate

new affiliates into the system, and will also pay out a Fast Track Bonus for the sponsor.

*No Star Coins are awarded for product redeemed with a Starter Package ($120)

Simply Click one to choose your signup
(retail, preferred customer or affiliate)
Then Choose your country and then you package on the signup form.

Standard Vidadivina signup package $120
most popular Vidadivina signup package $300

Fast Track Bonus

Depending on their rank, Affiliates may earn 50% – 70% Commission from the sale

of Franchise Starter Packages when enrolling a new member.

Your Paid on Rank for the Fast Track bonus is calculated by the Rank you closed with on the previous month.

VidaDivina compensation plan fast-track bonus chartFor Example: if you closed the month of January as Ruby, your Fast Track Bonus would be paid

out at 62% every time your direct Sponsored Affiliates purchases a Franchise Starter Pack.

Roll Up Fast Track

This is an Exciting Extension to the Fast Track bonus.

Lets just say YOU are a Sapphire so you are earning a total of 60% Personal Commission Sponsored Fast Track Bonus, as

stated on the Fast Track Chart on the previous page.

If you have people in your Down Line that are Ranked Gold or less, and up to 7 generations down,

the Gold Affiliate will get 50% regular Fast Track & you will get a Roll up of 10%.

Example: Within your 7 generation downline, a person buys a Starter pack. His

Sponsor, ranked Silver, gets 50% Fast Track Bonus,

but between you and the Silver, there is a Platinum Ranked Affiliate.

Platinum will get 5% Fast Track Roll up,

and if you are Sapphire, you would get 5% Fast Track Roll up.

Vida Divina – Compensation Plan

Vida Divina is a Health & Wellness Company led by MLM Guru/Expert Armand Puyolt, looking to improve health, nutrition, and welfare.

Vida Divina’s main goal is to deliver high-quality premium products that can be consumed at any stage of life and become a contributor to our economic developments.

Vida Divina will allow you to choose on the date of launch your custom Distributor Package.

Vida Divina is opening in the following countries:

VidaDivina Countries

Some of the Comp plan: -50 to 70% for fast start bonus – make money on retail – 50% check match bonus down to 7 levels.

The following are your package choices. $120 for 3 TeDivina (Package has $160 in TeDivina) $300 for 9 TeDivina (Package has $360 in TeDivina) $600 for 19 TeDivina (Package has $760 in TeDivina) $1200 for 40 TeDivina (Package has $1600 in TeDivina)

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